More than 20 years experience in counterterrorism intelligence work.

IntelCenter is a privately owned company established in 1989. It has been providing counterterrorism intelligence services for more than 20 years to the intelligence, military and law enforcement communities in the US and around the world. The sole focus of IntelCenter's work is all terrorist and rebel groups around the world from FARC in Colombia to the Maoists in Nepal to al-Qaeda and its affiliates. For IntelCenter the word terrorist represents an organizational structure as a non-nation state actor which is actively involved bombings, shootings, kidnappings, etc. IntelCenter does not track military forces, criminal organizations or political groups. IntelCenter's intelligence products on these groups are designed to support the analyst and operator community with current intelligence on what has just happened today and what is likely to happen tomorrow. Its mission is to provide those at work in the intelligence, law enforcement and military communities the information they need to further their mission whether it is raw data or finished analysis that can be incorporated into their own. IntelCenter acts as a force multiplier for current counterterrorism efforts.

Comprehensive secondary sources, primary source collection and government liaisons.

IntelCenter collects information from a wide-range of sources. There are four core tiers to our collection effort:
• Comprehensive global monitoring of media sources in all languages ranging from CNN and al-Jazeera to radio stations in Afghanistan and newspapers in Pakistan.
• Specialized media/reference sources and speciality publishers.
• Liaison relationships with intelligence, military and law enforcement agencies around the world.
• Primary source collection.

Operate out of secure Ops Center with full redundancies.

Work is performed on a 24/7 basis out of our secure Operations Center which maintains multiple redundancies for Internet connections, electricity, cooling, etc. in order to maintain continuity of operations in the event of natural disasters, terrorist acts and other technical difficulties.

Extensive record of pioneering new initiatives and levels of service/impact.

We are significantly limited in our ability to provide examples due to our work with intelligence agencies and security restrictions, however, a few examples are provided below that will give you a better idea of some of our work.

• Cited by the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Open Source Center (OSC) Director Doug Naquin as a key resource for obtaining terrorist videos from al-Qaeda before the group released them publicly and also to understand the significance of terrorist video material. Speaking about how OSC uses our services to an Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) conference, Doug Naquin said, "[our company] has sources or insight that somehow gets him advance notice to some of these. And he also does analysis on – does a lot of what I call the so-what, not just the video came up but what it means in context of it. This is just an example of being able to access outside expertise."

• Developed analytical models to visualize key statements from terrorist groups in order to be able to track changes in focus, identify shifts in targeting patterns and identifying the impact of counterterrorism and other operations on groups.

• Successfully identified targeting patterns through messaging analysis in the early-mid 2000s when al-Qaeda shifted its attacks from US allies participating in Afghanistan to Arab governments, as well as a video uptick that occurred in Afghanistan 6-months prior to the appearance of tactics such as roadside bombings, suicide bombings and others that were previously only being used in Iraq.

• Developed the most comprehensive library of terrorist/rebel video material going back to the early 1990s and the database that allows it to be searched and exploited.

• Developed the Significant Terrorist Event Report (STER) series which is used throughout the US and elsewhere by key law enforcement, military and intelligence services to understand the immediate impact of a terrorist attack as it's unfolding and to allow them to identify key security measures they need to put into place in the minutes, hours and days following the attack.

• Partnered with i2 to develop a vehicle to deliver analytical products that provide a dynamic view that can be manipulated by the client and integrated with the client's own datasets to provide the ultimate flexibility in how the intelligence is provided.

• Connected key pieces of information and obtained critical video material in the immediate aftermath of the Times Square attack to connect the attack to Tehrik-i Tailban Pakistan (TTP).

• Identified key indicators following the Delta attack which marked al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's (AQAP) intent to continue operations outside of its immediate regional area.

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