Hostages Currently Held
Interactive Map

The map shows the location of where hostages currently being held by terrorist and rebel groups were kidnapped from. When all of the hostages are of the same nationality a flag is used to represent the location. If the hostages are from multiple countries or their nationality is unknown a red circle is used. You can click on each icon to get the names of the hostages, date kidnapped, location and IntelCenter Database (ICD) Hostage ID#. The ID# allows ICD subscribers to pull up the full hostage record for that individual, including all related videos, photographs, communiques, timeline details and more.

A bombing begins and ends in mere moments. A kidnapping occurs in a blink but can last for years without any end in sight. A hostage taken three years ago is not a three-year-old attack, it is an attack that is still happening. This map is designed to make sure those still being held are not forgotten and to identify current patterns and trends in kidnappings.

The map is updated daily based on the latest available information for both new and existing cases.

The full ArcGIS version of this map is available to subscribers of the IntelCenter Database (ICD) in the Geospatial Component.

Additional reporting and original source materials are contained in the IntelCenter Database (ICD). Sign up for a free 10-day trial of the ICD and see additional details by clicking here. IntelCenter has available similar analysis for other groups and subjects. For more information, to schedule an online WebEx demo or to discuss how IntelCenter can assist with your needs, email or call 800-719-8750.

click on country flags for additional details on hostages, red circles represent hostages of multiple nationalities

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